Permission to post 11 Messages


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Donor is granted permission to post eleven (11) email messages with any frequency desired. 2000 word limit per message.

$10.00 Donation (no receipt provided other than PayPal or shopping cart receipt)

NOTE: Only subscribers can post to this list. If you are not a subscriber, you must first subscribe, otherwise your paid message will automatically be rejected by

What you are paying for: You are not paying for anything. You are giving a donation to the list owner. There is no guarantee that the list owner will do anything in kind. Statistically, though, he has usually felt kindness towards people that have made such donations, and will usually accept as many as 11 of their posts. The donor is responsible for keeping track of each extra post. This is done with a separate email at the same time as the extra post sent to [email protected] The email will read similar to “This is post 4 of 11”. The donor has 60 days to request 11 extra postings, after which time the moderator may decide not to accept further postings without an additional donation. Neither the moderator nor the list owner will post any of the 11 messages for the donor.