Restore Posting Privilege


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If your posting privileges were removed, and the moderator has determined that it is posible for you to have them restored at this time, you can hire the moderator to adjust your account settings.

$5.00 Fee (no receipt provided other than PayPal or shopping cart receipt)

What you are paying for: You are hiring the moderator to change your posting status from PROHIBITED to MODERATED on the [email protected] email list for the flat rate of $5 per incident. Please do not pay for this service until you have discussed it with the RBS list owner first. Refunds due to any type of problem are only offered if a request is made within 24 hours of payment. No receipt is provided for this service beyond the standard PayPal or shopping cart receipt. All payments must be made via this shopping cart which accepts PayPal, AMEX, VISA and MASTERCARD. Further postings are subject to the [email protected] list rules. Payment is not a guarantee that future messages will be approved, or that the posting privileges will not be removed again due to non-compliance with the list rules.